Monday, February 11, 2008

day off

Today I had a much needed day off and day away from Baltimore.  I hopped in my car and headed up I-95 to the city of brotherly love, Philadelphia.  I went to hangout with my sister and get a change of scenery. Although it was a great day, I was not expecting it to be the coldest day we've had this winter so far.  I think the high was 17 degrees with a windshield around 1 degree.  It was so frigid our faces were bright red (but so were everyone else's).

After a few hours of shopping, we had lunch in Rittenhouse Square and headed home for an evening of movies.  While shopping, we stopped at one of my favorite soap shops, Duross and Langel.  Check out what I found.  I know I went a little overboard, but trust me... if you go, you will never buy soap from Target again.  There are NO fake fruit smells, the employees are super chill and the atmosphere is relaxing.  Plus, its new store is right next to a gelato cafe.  What more could you ask for.

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