Sunday, September 27, 2009

sweet LA

I took a quick trip out to Cali last weekend to visit my bro (and my kidney).  My sister flew in from Denver and we had a little family time in sweet LA.

We couldn't have asked for better weather.  I'm not sure why everyone in the world does not live in LA, because I don't remember seeing a cloud in the sky the entire time we were there.
Mmm... Sprinkles cupcakes were DELICIOUS.  I may or may not have splurged and eaten one, even though they are far from vegan.  :)
Also, the first time my feet touched the Pacific Ocean.  I know.  What can I say, I'm an East Coast gal.  I LOVED Venice Beach.
I'm not going to lie.  I'm a little disappointed to be back in the humid haze of Baltimore.  But I'm already planning my next trip to the west coast.

Sunday, September 6, 2009

sensory overload

Better late than Never.  
Well, I am 28 and I've lived in the charming state of Maryland my entire life.  But for some reason, this weekend was the very first time that I visited the state fair.  
Here's my problem with the fair:  how can you trust a ride that was assembled one weekend and then disassembled the next weekend?  Come on people... it doesn't seem like the safest bet.  It's kind of like assembling your own furniture.  There always seem to be a few screws left over.  
Not to mention there weren't many food options for a vegan:  fried dough (which apparently is different from funnel cake), fried oreos, fried twinkies, french fries, hotdogs, pizza, turkey legs, and BBQ.  Umm, no thanks.
I'm not sure I will ever take part in the fair festivities again, but I did actually have a nice evening.  Gavin Degraw put on a free concert so, we just took a blanket and relaxed a bit. 

I see a billboard in the works...

I've been thinking...  
since a big chunk of my paycheck goes to buying coffee/tea 
and I am constantly walking around with a little green/white cup, 
maybe I should be getting a little compensation for my constant promotion.
What do you think Howard Schultz???  Maybe I could be the official Starbucks spokesperson???
It's just a thought. 
(I did put in a solid 4 years as a master barista)
*side note... it's officially Fall- pumpkin spice lattes are back :)*