Sunday, March 2, 2008

eco-friendly handbags

I've been looking for a new everyday, sturdy handbag, but I don't want to purchase anymore leather bags.  After reading this month's Natural Health magazine, I found two totally hip "eco-friendly" bag designers.

Matt and Nat is "a brand that invokes our own human experiences and the environment that surrounds us.  In short, a brand that combines the spiritual and the material."  It is a brand that is committed to vegetarianism and there are NO animal by-products used.

Heather Heron designs are all made from organic hemp and natural dyes.  Although, some of her bags do include leather, she finds the most sustainably produced products.

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annie said...

awesome find! i've been on a serious hunt for the perfect, long-lasting, non-leather handbag and this is it! thanks eliza!