Sunday, June 15, 2008

Renegade Show Recap.

Renegade Craft Show Recap-

Most of our conversations went something like this-

Me:                                                 Hi, How are you today?
Person looking at my jewelry:  I'm terribly hot.  How are you?
Me:                                                 I'm hotter than hell!  Thanks for asking.
Person looking at my jewelry:  Ha Ha, ok have a good day.

The heat lasted just up until the point when a thunder cracking, lightning bolting, bucket pouring storm hit.  That's right... another show with rain,


and more rain,

and even more rain.

It got to the point where the rain was so strong we had to zip ourselves into the tent and physically grab onto the bars (the metal bars may I add... in the lightning) and hold the from blowing away.

Oh, I forgot to mention that the show was held inside of an old city swimming pool.  So when it rained, the ground flooded.  While carrying my stuff back to the car, I had to slosh through water up to my ankles.

Here's a hazy picture of Manhattan from the Williamsburg Bridge when we decided to get the hell out of Brooklyn and go home.

Despite the crazy weather late in the day, I do have to say that I got a chance to walk around and see some pretty cool vendors.   I hope all the rest of the vendors had a better 2nd day, but we were exhausted and decided to head home to Baltimore.  

And thanks to my friend Liz who braved the trip with me so I had someone to talk to.

Well... CHEERS to  another show with fun, excitement, and a wet ass!


Juliet said...

oh no. That sounds awful. I'm sorry. To channel Jan Baum - At least you can put it on your resume!

Christina said...

Just found your blog through the imogene blog. I hope the weather cooperates more with your upcoming shows. I looked through your Etsy shop and really like your jewelry. :)