Sunday, August 17, 2008

Quiet night at home

Don't you love those quiet nights at home, when you can snuggle up with a movie or a good book?  When you can lounge in your sweats with your hair in a ponytail.  Maybe have a glass of wine or a cup of tea...  that was the plan I had for last night until-----

This happened...

and this happened...

and a little of this happened...

finally!!!  this happened!

Long story short:
-sitting in bed, hear crash down the street (that's a shame)

-still sitting in bed, hear 2nd crash down the street (wait a minute???)

-look out window, lots of people screaming (hold up!!!)

-run to front door to see car up the street is jammed (backwards) in parking spot crashing back and forth into 2 other cars (this looks like trouble)

- guys jumps out of car, tries to steal other car on street, then gets tired and starting urinating in middle of street (that's right... you heard me correctly)

- guys jumps back into his car, wiggles his car out of spot, and OH NO!!! He's headed straight for me (this is where I start to hyperventilate)

-slow motion starts in my head, he's coming, he's coming right for my car parked out front of my house (NO, please NO)

-I run into the hall way of my house (because there is only about 8 feet between my house and the street)

- CRASH!!!  my car gets lifted off the street onto the sidewalk (I'm not kidding, this is not a movie)

- the other car also gets some "air" and pummels into the car parked in front of me which hits the car in front of it, and so on.

- you think that's the end, you thought wrong...

- my neighbors grab the guy from his car, and wrestle him to the ground right at the foot of my front steps.
-the police arrive seconds later and cuff the man on my front steps
-he's bleeding, he's taken to hospital, then he's taken to jail

Have you forgotten that this was my "quiet night at home"?
I hope you had a better night!


megan said...

oh no! that's the opposite of a quiet night!

annie said...

no!!! i'm so glad you're alright. let me know if you need anything!

eliza k. mundy said...

I know... not really a quiet night at all. Thank goodness only cars were in the path of destruction. No people were injured. You've got to love city life!

lolojane said...

That is BOGUS my friend. I'm here for you!

Anonymous said...

This is disurbing the flow of 12linden, but how it's connected is ironic- it's metal, organifc and objects in motion. Can you pleace design me a floral necklace that looks like your front bumper?
Thank you,
Tony Battle
aka Mr Rediculous