Tuesday, December 29, 2009

what a difference a day makes...

Did anyone else happen to experience the magic act that occurred 
on the East Coast this past weekend???  
The first 2 pictures were taken on Christmas Day...

and the last 2 photos were taken the day after Christmas.  
Snow today, gone tomorrow.

A half day of rain completely melted away the two feet of snow 
that we accumulated the week prior.  
Was I the only one amazed by this???

*to be completely honest, I was pretty excited.  
I like the snow A LOT, 
but after awhile it just turns into a dirty muddy mess.*


megan said...

i think its pretty crazy!

btw, is that your backyard? do you live on that cute little lake?

eliza kate said...

Megan- it's my grandparents house
aka: 12 Linden St.
(one of my fav places to visit)