Thursday, February 25, 2010

rockstar weddings

Ok, so I have a total obsession with wedding blogs. Mainly, I think, because they combine all of my favorite things: fashion, flowers, decorations, and loads of pretty things.

I love that people are starting to branch off from the traditional matchy-matchy looks. Do the bridesmaids dresses really have to match the mens bow ties, that also happen to match the tablecloths? I think not. (and I really hope not.)

How awesome is this bridesmaids' lineup? To my girls out there... if I EVER get married, you all better glam it up and stand by my side.

*I would LOVE to have outfit #2 and #8 in my closet right now!*
Seriously, where can I find that black lace dress?


Rachel said...

What do you mean if you "EVER" get married?? And I'm a fan of the black lace dress too. Of course I think she wears it better than I ever could!

Liz said...

I will wear whatever you want as long as i get to have a fabulously large flower in my hair! :)

pamela said...

you will find many many black lace dresses here my pretty!