Monday, October 4, 2010

Colorado 2010- round 2

Why is it that the work week drags on to eternity,
however vacation time flashes past in a blur???
Just a week ago, I made my second trip out to Colorado this year to visit my sis. Now that I'm back at work it seems like vacation has been over for months. :(
I'm wondering if someone would just pay me full time to travel?
Any takers?
Despite the seemingly quick trip, it was quite relaxing.
Sadly both my sister's and my cameras had broken, so we only managed a few phone pics.

We enjoyed a weekend full of farmer's markets, art shows, coffee shops, and mountain tops.
Pretty much all you need in life.


Rachel said...

Despite the fact you didn't have a real camera, the phone pics turned out great! And I agree, vacations go by way too fast!

Boniface said...

你拍的風景很漂亮 :)

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