Saturday, April 12, 2008

pick of the day 4.12.08

pick of the day- Sabon NYC

While getting ready this morning, I noticed in my shower that I'm almost out of my favorite shower gel. OH NO!!! What's a girl to do? I was so desperate I even thought about adding water to dilute it so it would last longer. I must make an emergency order and have it shipped to me.
Everytime I hangout in NYC I make a stop (or two) to Sabon.
Sabon has a ton of wonderful scents such as lemon basil and ginger orange. My absolute favorite is Patchouli, Vanilla, Lavender. I know what you are thinking... patchouli is for hippies. But I promise you when you combine it with vanilla and lavender it turns into delicious heaven in a bottle.
Next time you visit NYC, stopping by Sabon is a must.
I'm off to place my order.

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