Wednesday, April 23, 2008

say what? gas costs how much?

Say what???  I just need to vent for a second.  I just spent $50 to fill up my car.  Now I have a small 12 gallon car with awesome mileage... I can't even imagine the price to fill up some big old gas guzzlers out there.

I'm starting to feel a little like my grandparents- "when I was your age, I paid only a quarter for a loaf of bread".  But NO JOKE, when I got my license (just a mere 10 years ago)  I spent about $18 to fill up my tank.  In ten years the price of gas has almost quadrupled.

Phew!!!  I think I may seriously considered buying a new bike.  (too bad I live in the city and will probably get jumped if I ride a bike).  Except if I biked everywhere, my butt would probably be in amazing shape.  So maybe I need to thank the government for raising the price of gas so I can be ripped.  Just kidding!!!

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