Friday, July 4, 2008

today's music

Music is an obsession for me.  I think I've probably been into every genre of music at some point in my life. 

middle school-   pop, R&B, light rock
high school-   classic rock, jam bands, modern rock
college-   singer/songwriters, dance
now-   indie rock, electronica, brit pop, ambient, triphop... (and all the above)

I get a little out of control when it comes to itunes and I've realized it's so nice to be able to buy one song from an artist.  I think I missed out on so much good music, because back in the day you had to purchase an entire album.

Here's my playlist for the week:

Black and Gold         by Sam Sparro
Soul Rock                    by Ferras
Lost                                by Coldplay
Casing Pavements    by Adele
Green                            by Brendan James
Sour Cherry               by the Kills
Forever                        by Walter Meego
Untouched                  by the Veronicas

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