Sunday, September 14, 2008

toll booth attendants make me smile

I drove through the toll booth on my way to DC yesterday, and the toll booth attendant amazed me.  Why you ask???  Well... he was so damn chipper.  A man, stuck in a small closet sized office without a care in the world.

How can this man (jammed in a closet with no one to talk to) actually have a smile on his face and a warm greeting ready for me as my car approached?

Then I realized, he is happy for all of those reasons.  He has no disgruntled coworkers all up in his business.  He only has to deal with each customer for about 30 seconds before they move on and another comes by.  And... he gets to be outside in the fresh air all day.

I've never thought of working a toll booth as a glamourous job (and maybe its not), but right now it's sounding pretty damn good.

Anyway, the toll booth attendant put a smile on my face.

Just look how happy this lady is.

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