Sunday, September 6, 2009

I see a billboard in the works...

I've been thinking...  
since a big chunk of my paycheck goes to buying coffee/tea 
and I am constantly walking around with a little green/white cup, 
maybe I should be getting a little compensation for my constant promotion.
What do you think Howard Schultz???  Maybe I could be the official Starbucks spokesperson???
It's just a thought. 
(I did put in a solid 4 years as a master barista)
*side note... it's officially Fall- pumpkin spice lattes are back :)*


Rachel said...

I think you should totally be the official spokesperson for Starbucks!!

Liz said...

youve just convinced me to start going again... pumpkin spice latte. mmmm!!!
You should def get a cut!

pamela said...

i think you may have some competition with the Olsen twins, but otherwise YES! : )