Monday, May 24, 2010

Kidney Foundation Walk - 2010

In a few weeks we will reach the one year mark since I was able to donate a kidney to my bro. Yay!!! It was fitting that this weekend we both participated in the National Kidney Foundation walk in Baltimore. After the awful journey Z has been through, I was beyond happy to support and raise money for the foundation. (Z was able to raise slightly over his goal of $1000.)
The turn out was pretty good, despite the overcast, slightly rainy day. But, the best part was the fact that the walk took place at the Maryland Zoo. Woo Hoo!!! I can't even tell you the last time I went to the zoo. Take my word, it's a damn good time.

Z shelled out a few bucks and was able to feed the giraffe.
This pic is one of my favorite.
I can't even decide which was the highlight for me. The polar bears were adorable. I know you shouldn't, but I just wanted to hug one. The rhinos were pretty kick-ass. (or better yet, they looked as though they could kick some major ass.)
The leopards were terrifying and had teeth that could pretty easily rip my arm off.
However, I was surprised how calm the cheetahs were. Their "meow" sounds just as high pitched as a house cat. Weird huh???

Oh HOLD UP! The best part... Z entered in a contest at the bear den.
Some silly quiz about bears, but he WON!
Bet you can't guess what the prize is???
We get to go back and spend a day "behind the scenes" with the polar bears.
I'm SO very excited. Maybe I will get my hug after all.

Anyway, I was happy to participate
and I wish many years of continued health to my brother.


Rachel said...

I bet the "behind the scenes" with the polar bears is going to be awesome!! And I'm glad that "Z" is doing well with your awesome kidney!!

sonyar said...

I'm happy to hear your brother is doing well. Very inspirational and admiral!

sonyar said...

Sorry I meant admired!Tired!:)