Saturday, January 17, 2009

Big Weekend!

It's a BIG weekend here in Charm City. Today the Pres man himself, Mr. Obama is speaking before he heads down to DC for the inauguration. The streets are already shut down and I hear they are expecting a big turn out. The only problem is that it's 14 degrees outside, I hope everyone brings layers.
Also, the Baltimore RAVENS have a chance to advance to the Super Bowl (or so I'm told). Everyone at work is dressed head to toe in black and purple (except Laurel and I, apparently we didn't get the MEMO).
Cheers to an action pack weekend!!!

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Liz Steiner said...

That's so funny you didn't know about the Ravens. Apparently they're playing the Steelers. And having lived in B'more and being from Steeler country, and knowing that rivalry, I still didn't know what was going on until yesterday.
I guess you, Laurel and I have better things to do than follow football!