Monday, January 5, 2009

goodbye cheese :(

Over the past few months I've done A LOT of thinking about what makes me happy in life and what in my life brings unwanted negative energy.  I've vowed to make some changes in 2009.

Every year, I make crazy resolutions that 99% of the time are broken by February.  So, I've decided to change it up this year.  I'm giving myself mini goals, one month at a time.  Each month I'm going to push myself to obtain a small goal whether it be physical, social, creative... etc.

So, for January I've decided to go vegan.  I've been vegetarian for about 9 years now, and I've decided to push myself for the next four weeks and give up my two weaknesses:  cheese and chocolate.  

Who knows if I'll decide to make the full lifestyle change, but at least I can see the difference it will make for a month.  Wish me luck!

At least I have an excuse to spend money on this book now:
*thanks annie for encouraging this change (and challenge)*


Rachel said...

I think you're pretty much crazy!! I don't know how you did as a vegetarian. I'm such the opposite...I live my everyday only consuming cheese and meat and like to limit my veggies!! Good luck sunshine!!

annie said...

i have a fabulous idea.
when your month comes to an end, lets go to the great sage for an amazing vegan dinner :)
i bet you won't be looking back!

eliza mundy said...

YEAH!!! I haven't been there in FOREVER. February, we'll set a date.