Monday, April 26, 2010

29 and feeling fine.

I know the title is pretty lame.
But, here it is folks.
This is what twenty-nine looks like.
(at least for me.)

Do you have those people who ask you every darn year...
"So, do you feel any older?"
Well, this is the first year I can honestly say YES!
But YES in a good way.

I feel that all of my 20s have been spent trying to figure out life,
who I am, and what I am here for.

Well this year has been a HUGE growing year for me
and for the first time I'm okay with myself, my life,
and not really knowing what I'm destined to accomplish.

(although I'm really looking forward to some new adventures soon.)

I accept the uncertainty and I'm open for the journey.
Cheers to another year of health and happiness!

30, I'm ready for you next year!

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Rachel said...

You should have labeled your entry "29 and looking fine!!"