Monday, April 5, 2010


Isn't it funny how holidays change when you're not a kid anymore?
The anticipation and hurry are sort of lost along the way.
I kind of enjoy how it now just becomes a relaxing day with family and food.

After the horrendous winter we had this year,
I couldn't have planned a more perfect Easter Sunday.
Mid 70s, sun, blue sky, and a cool breeze.

Before dinner, I did a little nature exploring in my grandparents backyard.

And, found this old abandoned office building nearby.
I love the look of buildings after many years of vacancy.
Before they completely break down, it looks as though the earth just starts consuming it.
My Pop-Pop informed me that this building used to be the office for the man who invented the first metal press.
Before the hydraulic press, they used it to stamp out metal in assembly lines to create the first mass produced cars by Henry Ford. Cool huh?

I have to admit, I spent about an hour watching these silly little turtles.
They spend the entire day sunbathing on this branch. Tough life.
I also tried to become friends with this cow,
but as soon as I got too close he scampered away. :(

Nothing this weekend beats some quality time in my favorite reading chair.
I like to think that my grandparents reserve this for me whenever I come to visit.
After I say my hellos and catch up with everyone, I tend to wander off, grab my book,
and head out to read while listening to the sounds of the lake.

I hope everyone had a relaxing weekend like I did.
It's a little painful to think that the work week starts in about 14 hours.

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Rachel said...

Ahhh...I loved your grandparents house. The lake was the best!! I still remember the interview we did with them.