Sunday, April 18, 2010

east coast lovin'

My favorite part about living on the East Coast
is that Baltimore is right in the middle of all the major cities.
Philadelphia, Washington DC, and New York are all a hop, skip and a jump away;
which makes it perfect for some fabulous day trips.
This weekend, I chose to visit some of my favorite neighborhoods in DC.
Georgetown and Adams Morgan.

Sunday was a perfect day. (Sunny and 60 degrees)
I got in some much needed walking, a little bit of shopping, and tons of fresh air.
Besides perusing the shops, I also spent time wandering aimlessly through the nearby neighborhoods.
Dreaming of which million dollar house could be mine one day.
(the two above are for sale, do you think they would take a down payment of roughly $52.76?)

I continued on a little stroll near the water. Lots and lots of were boats out.
I love this picture of the canoe in front of the city scape.

I finally headed over to my favorite coffeehouse in Adams Morgan.
The atmosphere is SO chill here.
Mixed matched furniture, local art, great salads/sandwiches,
and really good looking waiters. :)

I may have ended my day with a few treats.
I tried REALLY hard to resist the sweets.
But, #1- my birthday is in less than a week, why not start the celebration now?
and #2, vegan bakeries are hard to come by.
I'm just doing my part to keep them in business.
Don't judge.
I had to take this photo in the car,
because one of these bad boys was devoured before I even got home.


susan said...

One reason I love Baltimore too; hard to find in the Midwest and the West Coast.

susan said...
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Rachel said...

These pictures make me miss the east coast horribly!! And I don't see why those gorgeous homes wouldn't accept your tiny down payment!!