Sunday, March 28, 2010

two rad chicks

Zooey Deschannel and Scarlett Johansson are not only two amazing young actresses,
they are both pretty rad singers
(and not to mention their unbelievable fashion senses).

I was completely stoked when the new She & Him album was released last week. Zooey's collaboration with M. Ward is quite cheery and refreshing.
I also have not been able to put down Scarlett Johansson's album
where she teams up with the most adorable Pete Yorn.
I have been HUGE P.Yorn fans for years
and was so excited when Scarlett lended her vocals for the album.

Cheers to the multi-talented songstresses.


pamela said...

i LOVE both of these duos! have you heard charlotte gainsbourg and beck!? equally phenom.

annie said...

oh! somewhere in my things i have pete yorn's guitar pick from when he played the 930 club in 2001!